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See Through LED Screen for Windows

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screens can meet various types of needs, flexible LED transparent screen structure design, can tailor the best product solutions according to the actual situation, to ensure the permeability of the transparent LED display screen, display integrity, and consistency.

Transparent Display, See Through LED Wall of the Commercial Display suitable for Glass Video Display.

Easy to install

Industrial-grade locks and accessories for standard cabinets, no need for heavy lifting equipment

Easy to repair

Say goodbye to the pain points of overall maintenance and directly replace the damaged module display part

Easy to transport

Ultra-thin display body and easy-to-transport flight case make your project no longer burdensome

The Effect of Transparent LED Screen, Just For More Eye-catching

Transparent LED Wall for the Commercial Display

Transparent LED Screen, High definition and exquisite. Adopt side-light display technology, High permeability. Pervious to light and air, doesn’t affect the lighting and sight; high brightness display, still visible in strong light. Light structure design, can be hung by steel ropes, also support front maintenance. 

The Transparent LED display is a perfect solution for any shaped media display/ advertisement board. widely used in banks, marketing centers, Sales Department, automobile 4S shops, Exhibition Hall, and other scenarios.

Transparent Glass LED Display

Transparent Glass LED Display

Standard transparent LED display cabinet

The Standard size cabinet design, Fast lock for cabinet connection, support front maintenance. only 10s for single people to assemble; and without any other tools. simple and generous appearance beautiful and practical; Ultra-thin cabinet Standardized production line mass production, shortened production cycle, fast delivery.

Suitable for various installation methods such as hoisting/fixing/blocking. It is widely applied in building glass, shop windows, etc

Creative Transparent LED Screen

Creative Transparent LED Screen

curved Creative transparent LED screen

The Flexible curved transparent LED screen customized for the high-level rental transparent LED display field. Beautiful shape, The thickness,

Transparency of the upgraded ultra-thin LED transparent LED screen is further improved, and the installation is more convenient and fast. suitable for many kinds of installation, such as bend, fold, etc. Even irregular surfaces also can build an unexpected led screen. It is the creative screen, Such as cylinders, cuboids, barrel shapes, etc. suitable for any building facade, shopping mall, performance events decoration, various staged scenes. and outdoor advertising.
Transparent LED Film Screen

Transparent LED Film Screen

Flexible color transparent led film

Custom Transparent flexible led Film Display; custom transparent LED display. Special shape display. Custom shape design. The glass wall series belongs to a customized LED display cabinet series in The strip length can be customized according to the glass wall’s structure, to match with the building glass perfectly.

The strip length can be customized according to the glass wall’s structure.

Transparent LED Wall Project


We only focus on transparent LED displays, we have enough expertise and experience to meet the needs and capabilities of different transparent display projects.

If you want to make changes to the existing display layout, if you have related transparent led display project requirements, if you have better display ideas or problems, you can let us know.

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See Through LED Wall Screen has a high penetration rate (60% to 90%). Moreover, the transparent display will not affect the original lighting or environmental sight.Super transparent permeability. The incredible transparency may hint at one of the best features of this latest technology.

Transparent LED display technology allows you to flexibly customize content and design to meet your own needs without affecting the brightness of your area. Easy installation. Designed for indoor facilities, but can be seen outdoors. Easy to set up. Just connect the screen to the curtain wall of the store and connect it.

LED packaging technology is used for edge lighting. Can create engaging and interactive advertising content for the target audience.Compared with the conventional SMD LED display, the See-Through LED Wall with high brightness and low power consumption can save up to 30% of the cost.

Pixel pitch (the unit of the distance between pixels or bulbs: mm) is a very important parameter when choosing a transparent LED display. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution of the projected image. The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance.
Transparent screen display and conventional SMD LED screen display The structure of the two LED screens is almost the same. However, the latter has a standard screen, while the former has a transparent glass screen.
The transparent LED screen provides unparalleled transparency for your display. It does not block the sunlight and allows passers-by to see through your transparent video wall. Unique effect. The screen it gives you is just the illusion of floating on the glass wall. It gives you a higher chance of attracting people’s attention. Lightweight and compact, easy to assemble and cheap to transport, without any complicated tools. The transparent LED screen has a built-in power supply in its frame, so it can be connected and repaired faster. There is no need to remove the entire transparent LED module or the entire panel. Modular design, the module has three (3) sizes, suitable for manufacturing small to large glass wall LED displays. Can achieve the required and desired perfect digital display size. The ideal visual experience can be easily achieved. No cooling device is needed, so a lot of energy can be saved.
The life of any electronic device will be affected by many factors, including external and internal depending on how you operate or maintain the LED display. Generally speaking, the average life span of transparent LEDs is between 80,000 and 100,000 hours. Equivalent to 9 to 11 years. Of course, exposure to high temperature, ultraviolet rays, environmental humidity, irregular rain and other adverse weather conditions are also factors that will affect the life of the transparent LED screen.

1. Measure the size to determine the display area
2. Determine the height of the suspension beam and the position of the power cable
3. Select transparent LEDscreen size composition distribution (standard and non-standard)
4. Install the beam bracket
5. Install the display module to connect to the display control unit
6. Debug display brightness and contrast
7. Routine maintenance and cleaning

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