Creative Transparent LED Display

Shapeable transparent LED display

Why choose Creative Transparent LED Display? If the Glass Transparent LED display can meet the display requirements of conventional window advertisements, then the emergence of the curved transparent LED display provides a larger application space for the Transparent LED display. Compared with traditional SMD LED panel modules or flexible LED modules, The Creative Transparent LED Screen has obvious advantages.

Light Weight

No need the heavy cabinets, as the transparent led screen uses a lightweight aluminum alloy frame

Quick Install

Because the whole shape is complete, it can be used directly with a simple combination

Easy Maintenance

Reduce the level of maintenance to light bars instead of modules or cabinets, without color difference

Overall Design

Overall Design including display, power supply, and wiring details is a relatively systematic project

Holographic effects

Satisfy the effect of 3D picture display, comparable to the upgraded version of 3D holographic Fan

Wide Applications

The novel and unique curved transparent LED Display has been widely used in malls, theaters and large stages.

Shapeable Creative Transparent LED

Creative designs such as circular, cylindrical, inner and outer arc shapes

Curved Light Board
transparent led poster
outdoor transparent led

The shapeable transparent LED screen is only for creative design

FAQ of Creative Transparent LED Display

Yes, the creative transparent LED screen has a different workflow from the standard transparent LED screen. It is a complete creative coordination process, which is generally divided into four major links: creative design, technical discussion and mold development, and production and delivery. Whether the project is executable or not requires technical verification. Of course, at the same time, a small number of projects may involve new mold development.

The difficulty of each creative LED display project is different, so this needs to be determined according to the specific project, but we will have a complete project implementation time schedule follow-up table for each project, so that everyone will be clear.

Of course not. As you can see, we are a company that only focuses on transparent LED displays. We have sufficient capabilities and experience for transparent display products. Including Glass transparent LED screen and transparent LED film screen, we all have unique product features. We will try our best to provide customers with the most cost-effective product solutions

First of all, we attach great importance to the stability of the product, because this is also the goal we have been working hard on. At the same time, because every project is unique, we will advise customers to arrange enough spare parts for creative projects.

Yes, most creative products are a complete whole, so they bring a lot of cost to transportation. However, this is also the embodiment of our professionalism. Our designers and engineers have more than 10 years of work experience, and we are very confident in structural design and segmentation.

Yes, because our main thing is a transparent led screen, so we can provide it for your reference. Contact us, we will work together to complete your project.