Glass Transparent LED Display

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Glass Wall LED Screen Display

The Standard size of Glass Wall LED Screen Display, Fast lock for cabinet connection, support front maintenance. only 10s for single people to assemble without any other tools. However simple and generous appearance beautiful and practical

Glass wall LED screen, suitable for large indoor and outdoor advertising display. The unified standard mounting bracket can quickly build a complete picture display.

At the same time, for various scenarios that require transparent LED display, creative transparent LED display and flexible transparent LED film display meet more display needs.

Creative Transparent LED Screen
Light Weight

Minimizing the negative impact on the appearance of the building is like hanging a picture

Transparent Glass LED screen
High Transparency

 could keep the internal natural lighting and viewing Therefore High transparency rate

Glass Wall LED Screen Display
Quick Install

Quick lock system can be installed quickly, so it saves a lot of labor cost and time cost

Easy Maintenance

Single SMD can be repaired without a single module or entire panel.Therefore maintenance becomes simple

Transparent Glass LED screen Display
Stable and Reliable

Standardized products, in other words, the stability of the product has been extensively verified

Wide Applications

Any building with glass can quickly build a glass wall LED screen display

Glass Transparent LED Display screen
Hanging Glass Wall LED Screen
Transparent Glass LED screen
Hanging Glass Wall LED Screen
Floor Glass Wall LED Screen

Standard glass LED screen display for your quick retrofit

Transparent LED Window Posters

Outdoor Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Displays for Car

Glass LED Wall Screen Display

Main products: P5.2 mm, P 6.25mm, P8.92mm, P10.81mm, P12.5mm, P15.6mm The main advantage of the side-emitting transparent LED screen is that the penetration rate is relatively high, as high as 85%, and it is more flexible. It can customize the arc or cylindrical shape, and the brightness is higher than that of the product with the same pitch and glossy front. The disadvantage is that the lamp beads have low stability, are easy to fall off, and do not have the function of waterproof and moisture-proof, so they are widely used in large-size transparent screens.

Main products: pixel pitch P 3.7-7.8 mm

The latest LED transparent screen front lighting technology has the advantages of long-term waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration, anti-oxidation and protection grade ip 65. With the same specifications, the total weight of the light is 20% of the light. The front-illuminated P3.7 and side-illuminated P5.2 have a 40% price-performance ratio and are widely used in small and myopia applications.

Whether you need to create a custom Transparent LED display or a portable transparent LED poster screen, transparent LED can provide a display solution for your installation. Transparent LED display can provide indoor and outdoor use and standard flat form (glass LED display) curved or cylindrical transparent LED unit.

Strictly speaking, the transparent glass display is a display device, but we have a supporting related control module, which can finally achieve intelligent control through mobile APP, wireless data transmission screen + data cloud + App, WiFi connection
Glass Wall LED Screen is already a very mature product. The price factor of the final product is nothing more than pixel pitch, size and matching control system. For mature products, there are no additional costs such as design and development costs

Customizing the Glass Wall LED Screen is a relatively complicated process. Generally, we will make a reasonable plan according to the standard size to achieve the display effect you want to achieve. If your display environment is more complicated or the standard Glass Wall LED Screen cannot meet your requirements Demand, As a result first of all, we will recommend our other transparent LED Screen products, which can generally show a perfect picture in the end. Similar to circular led display, cylindrical transparent led display can be realized by our curved transparent led display.

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