Transparent LED Film Display

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LED Transparent Film Screen

The new product of glass LED Film screen for LED Glass, adhesive LED fluorescent screen, LED transparent film. Transparent high-tech. No matter what transparency and colorful display you need, we can achieve it. The size and shape can be cut arbitrarily, making transparent LED display everything possible

This color transparent led film really realizes the effect of hanging and holographic. The LED transparent film screen with Adhesive can be attached to any shape of the plane, especially suitable for high-end shopping malls and large-area transparent glass environments and places.

Transparent LED Film Screen
360 free rotation

The transparency of the film is up to 95%. Any wires between the LED Display modules cannot be seen. When the LED film is off, the transparency is almost perfect.

360° arbitrary rotation to meet the needs of more special display scenes

Transparent LED Film
Free paste display

 pasted only where transparent display is needed, soft panel more suitable

without frames and gaps. Viewable area width up to 2000 mm. Freely cut and folded into various shapes

Free cutting display

Customize membrane size and fit the installation area. Add more film lengthwise or crosswise to expand, and can be cut in parallel to meet more display requirements.

The glass LED Film screen cut according to the needs and also show the perfect effect.

more Traceless

No frame, no bracket, no cumbersome, almost completely hidden structure and accessories

more Friveious

Lighter, thinner, and more fit, so you don’t feel that a transparent display has been installed here

Transparent LED Film Screen
More Creative

Through the transparent film screen, the creativity of the transparent screen has more room and choice

Newest technology LED Glass Display

Window advertising displays of Walking street

Let your transparent display shine

No need for much trouble. No need to stop opening

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Color Transparent LED Film for your quick retrofit

First of all, we know that OLED and LED are two different products. The simplest understanding:
The light reflectivity of OLED comes from conducting light emission to form an image. It is also flexible and transparent.
The display of LED film is based on the light source matrix of RGB LED lamp beads.

The color transparent LED film, as you can see, integrates the LED lamp beads on a transparent flexible PCB motherboard, and forms the final picture through the RGB light source matrix of the LED lamp beads.

At present, OLED is mainly suitable for smart watches, mobile phones or some digital signage displays (maximum size 55 inches, resolution 1920*1080p). LED color transparent film is mainly suitable for the formation of large-area screens. Of course, the pixel pitch will be between p4-p10.

Whether you need to create a custom Transparent LED display or a portable transparent LED poster screen, transparent LED can provide a display solution for your installation. Transparent LED display can provide indoor and outdoor use and standard flat form (glass LED display) curved or cylindrical transparent LED unit.

The emergence of Transparent LED film screen is based on the further development of transparent PCB materials. The biggest difference between it and the ordinary fixed transparent LED screen is that it gets rid of the conventional aluminum alloy bracket and increases the greater flexibility of the display part .

Transparent led film display is a new type of Transparent glass led display. Its main function is to make up for the shortcomings of conventional transparent LED displays that cannot be flexibly shaped and complicated mounting brackets.

This type of glass LED display screen is more often used in indoor environments.

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